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A homeless man sitting in a nook in a street in Brighton.
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Pioneering projects that are disrupting the status quo

It’s a privilege helping pioneering charities and organisations find what matters — their true purpose, the positive change they want others to be a part of.

Identity & culture

Why B Corp matters to us

B Corp

Why we've been named a 'best for the world' B Corp

We've been recognised as a Best For The World™ B Corp, thanks to our commitment to people and the ways we choose to work together.

Life Buoy Life Buoy

In conversation with… Jane Petit, CEO, Foothold

As demand for support surges amid the coronavirus crisis, is it time for benevolent funds to rethink their purpose? We speak to Foothold CEO Jane Petit.

Identity & culture

In conversation with... Karin Tenelius, co-founder, Tuff Leadership Training

Why creating simple, open, honest dialogue is essential to teams going through big change, like redefining their purpose and identity.

Identity & culture

Our journey back to B Corp

In 2016 Neo became a founding B Corporation — or B Corp — joining a growing global community that uses business as a force for good. As we renew our social and environmental commitments, we ask our Nick (founding director) to reflect back on the journey, bumps and all, and share what we’ve learned along the way.


Why pitching won't help you find the right partner

If we want our working partnerships to be truly rewarding, we need to rethink how they begin.

Ways of working

The science of a good wireframe

Wireframes should be the start of something beautiful. Here are five steps to planning a website structure that lands perfectly.


The last word – lessons in editorial print from an environmental giant


Doing it online since 1999

A recent report by Gartner states that 'there has been no progress on inequality for a decade, with the number of female CIOs has remaining static at 14%'.


Would you trash your £100 clothes to save a life?

Or would you donate £100 to a charity to save 10 people?

Sustrans Annual Report

Smarter travel the sustainable way...

Sustrans wanted to immerse people in what they really do, which is work to make smarter travel choices possible, desirable and inevitable.

Homes for Britain image

Home win?

In the UK, there are few issues guaranteed to polarise people quite as much as housing, or rather the lack of it.


World Food Day 2012

Working alongside Action Against Hunger, we helped to highlight the appeal and fight world hunger.


What are the most social charities up to? A round up of the 2012 Social Charity Index

Whether you work for a charity or within the digital sector, the report highlights some of the pitfalls and successes any of us could learn from.


The power of creativity, conflict resolution, and building peace

There are some inspiring charities out there doing some amazing work with conflict resolution and helping to aid peace, and discussion around the world


Reinventing the pub

We've been working with the lovely folk at The Bevendean Pub in Brighton to help them transform it into something truly extraordinary.


The art of engagement

The way we engage with one another is fast paced and dynamic, and so too is the way we engage with brands.


Young at heart: creating a powerful youth engagement campaign