Tinder Foundation - Rebrand & website

Bringing a spark of an idea to life

It’s easy to forget that there are still millions 
of people in the UK who’ve never been online.


Tinder Foundation Website design


The Tinder Foundation believes that digital technology can transform the lives of individuals and communities for the better, and works to ensure that more people in the UK can access the many benefits of being online.

This means supporting people and community organisations to use digital technology more effectively, and helping government and organisations deliver better, more effective services through online channels.

To do that, you need to work with all kinds 
of partners – public, commercial, voluntary 
and charitable. And you need an identity 
that helps you to be recognised and credible 
in front of anyone.


Tinder logo options and illustration


When the foundation got in touch with us, it had existed for months as a social enterprise, under the name Online Centres Foundation. This reflected a major part of its work, organising the network of UK Online Centres that deliver digital inclusion work in the community. But didn’t speak of its own wider role, or the passion for change at the heart of the organisation.

Like many ‘behind the scenes’ organisations, 
the foundation’s brand itself had not been a priority to this point. With ambitious plans for growth, the foundation needed to assert itself as being more than a provider of Online Centres and build an identity that showed it to be a driving force in the UK’s digital inclusion strategy.

The team there had already come up with a preferred new name – one that moved away from the institutional (Online Centres Foundation) to the more energetic position 
of being a catalyst (Tinder). This needed to be bought to life with a brand idea that could translate across a visual identity, tone of voice 
and a brand new website.

We spent time in Sheffield with the team, and talked to some of the organisation’s partners 
in government and commercial telecoms, 
to understand from their point of view what made the foundation tick and what makes 
them unique.


Tinder Foundation responsive website designs


With a visual brand in place, we began planning the website. It needed to showcase the wide range of work Tinder’s involved in and work across multiple devices and screen sizes.

Taking a ‘content-first’ approach, we worked closely with the client to outline what each type of content needed to achieve

We dug down to the essential differences between blogs and news items, between case studies and reports, to make sure the formats really supported the content.

And we went to a level of detail that ensured the backend of the website would really encourage this content to ‘travel’ – to be highlighted around the site in relevant areas, and to present elegantly on a mobile phone as well as desktop.


Tinder Foundtation Stationery

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