Do you want your work to matter more?

Disillusioned with the values of your company or clients? Feeling disempowered or unable to make meaningful impact? Have the desire to be part of, but also drive forward, something bigger?

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Discover a different way of working, as a Neo business partner.

At Neo, we’re looking for business partner colleagues to join our small, supportive team of dedicated brand, culture, organisational change and communications professionals.

You could be a creative worker (strategist, writer, designer), a digital developer or a relationship builder (HR, business). What matters more than the kind of skills you bring to the table is how you want to use and develop them. What matters most is a mindset for driving positive human change, for doing things right, and for doing them well.

As a certified B Corp, and one of the first few agencies to work exclusively for purposeful organisations, we’re interested in finding partners who share our passion for purposeful impact.

What does business partnership look like?

After an initial period of getting to know each other and working closely on a few projects, you’d have the opportunity to become a partner (usually within six months). This could be with direct share-ownership or as part of our team profit-share scheme.

For direct shares you’d need to make a financial investment. We may also consider a time investment with a corresponding salary sacrifice.

As a business partner you’d take on key responsibilities in helping to move Neo forward on it’s self-development and impact ambitions.


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