Image of May our intern - Neo
Neo studio

From May to September and beyond

This month we welcomed May Leong to the Neo team. May’s a recent design graduate from Central Saint Martin’s and the first recruit to Neo’s new internship programme. We’ve always had interns at Neo but it’s only recently that we’ve treated our internship programme with the seriousness it deserves. That means a proper recruitment process, a proper mentoring programme and decent pay (a Living Wage of £7.65 per hour ) –  unpaid internships might be considered a rite of passage in some agencies but we think they’re outmoded and unfair. We plan to expand the programme next year to include strategy internships, but in the meantime here’s the skinny on May:

1) May was born in Singapore, moved to Malyasia at six, spent her teenage years at a boarding school in Melbourne, Australia before moving to London at 20. The result is a cosmopolitan outlook and an accent that’s ‘a bit Grossman’ (Lloyd not Len).

2) She has 20:20 vision in her right eye but not much vision in her left eye, which has led to the nickname May ‘Left Eye’ Leong*

3) May is a big fan of online game League of Legends which she assures us is not as geeky as World Of Warcraft.

4) She can’t ride a bike but can skateboard. So that’s alright then.

*not actually her nickname