Permanent roles


Are you as dedicated to quality as you are to making a difference?

At Neo, we’re choosy about who we collaborate with on projects. If you’re familiar with our work and why we do it, you’ll understand why. We have a diverse community of collaborators — experienced and skilled strategists, writers, designers, filmmakers, photographers and other professionals who share our ethos. But as we evolve and take on new projects of varying complexity, we’ll need to broaden and freshen up our extended team.

So, who and what are we looking for?

Firstly, creative, strategic, insightful professionals who share our commitment to serving people and the planet before our profit margins. People who share our high standards of work. Who can bring in-depth subject knowledge and experience of social and/or environmental projects to the table.

If that’s you, ideally you’ll have contributed to complex, purpose-centred identity projects and campaigns, involving robust research processes and a deep level of strategic and creative thinking.

You’ll care passionately about finding what matters in a project and then making it matter more. You’ll be willing to invest yourself wholeheartedly, from start to finish. And be as dedicated to quality as you are to making a difference.

Building meaningful, lasting relationships will be as important to you as it is to us. Making positive connections is exactly what our work is all about. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we don’t consider ourselves to be service-providers; we prefer to call the people and organisations we support ‘partners’ rather than clients.

You’ll be curious, open, and willing to learn as well as share. Working with us means being part of a genuinely open, challenging and conscious culture — one that we, as a self-organised team, are always trying to improve and nurture.

Interested in joining our collaborator community?

To apply drop us a line below — telling us why you’d like to work with us — along with your CV, examples of your work, and your project fees or day rates.

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