Realise your change-making potential

In our sounding board session, we’ll help you…

  • Develop a deeper understanding of what’s needed to overcome barriers to positive change
  • Unite your team, stakeholders, customers and partners around a shared purpose
  • Explore ways of stepping into possibility with curiosity, courage and a more collective mindset 
  • Build an internal case for investment for identity and culture change programmes
  • Make vital connections between identity, culture and strategy 
  • Co-create a working culture that attracts and retains a talented, committed team
  • Break out of self-limiting mindsets, roles and ways of working 
  • Build a more powerful, purposeful platform that invites meaningful participation around your ambitions 

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How do you bring people on the journey to positive change?

An equal, caring and conscious world can exist only if we commit to doing things differently. And doing them together.

That’s why for more than 20 years, we’ve helped social and environmental changemakers to redefine, reconnect and build participation around their purpose. By taking a more holistic, deeper approach to brand, culture and communications. And by building those things from the inside out.

What is a strong platform for positive change?
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Meet the experts

Nick Christoforou

Founding partner

Nick is passionate about giving the ideas and organisations that are making our world a better place the platform they deserve. That’s why he founded Neo 20 years ago.

Always listening to what’s needed, Nick has enabled Neo to evolve into a space that’s truly forward-thinking, unafraid of challenging the status quo and driven by a collective purpose.

He’s also a trustee of Welsh Centre for International Affairs (WCIA), which inspires people to learn and act on global issues to help create a fairer, more peaceful world.

Nick Christoforou

Kelly Smith

Strategic & creative partner

Kelly has a background in journalism, brand and communications, which she channels into a diverse range of projects for Neo.

She takes a philosophical approach, asking the questions that drill down into what really matters — the truths that can help to inspire profound social and environmental change. Grasping the bigger picture while exercising obsessive attention to detail, Kelly’s committed to turning these truths into stories that unite people around purpose.

In recent years Kelly served as a trustee for Brighton-based arts charity Root Experience. She went on to edit the charity’s book Hidden Stories, a playful graphic novel moving people to think differently about mental health and invisible illness.