Finding what matters,
making it matter more

Since 2002

Call us idealists, but at Neo we’ve always believed that an equal, caring and conscious world can exist if we do things differently. 

We’re consider ourselves to be not an agency, but a collective of dedicated professionals who put purpose before profit. Whose purpose is to find what matters then make it matter more. And we believe our approach in doing so places us somewhat leftfield of many other agencies working within the third sector or sustainable business. 

A partnership with us is a truly collaborative and open process, where we strive to bring our whole selves to the table. We invite everyone we work with to do the same — because for us, there is no better way.

We believe successful projects begin with honest ethics, empathy and the right working culture. A culture of cooperation over competition and corporate hierarchy; of good strategic consultation and not just stunning creative work.

We listen deeply. We reflect holistically. We co-create generously.

We focus on the needs that surface, and we never recommend something that we feel you don’t need for the purpose of ticking a box or making more money.

These are some of the very things that drive us to work with organisations doing interesting, important work that we believe in. Organisations with a social or environmental purpose. Those of you strongly motivated by doing what’s right by people and the planet.

This is the work that matters. We want to make it matter more.

What we do

Our commitments

Like you, we’re a values-led organisation. Yes, we work with integrity, honesty, dedication and diligence. But we’re also committed to being curious, courageous and collective in all we do.

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Meet the core team

We are strategists, designers, writers, animators, illustrators, researchers, organisers, creative communicators. Our respective crafts and the causes to which we lend them matter immensely to us.

But we’re also many other things. Irrepressible optimists. Attentive listeners. Voracious readers. Volunteers. Explorers. Nature lovers. Feminists. Gentle disruptors. Justice seekers. Beer drinkers. Breadmakers. We’re nothing if not ourselves.

Neo collaborators

When a project demands it, we call on our community of trusted collaborators. Craftspeople and communication professionals who we believe share our values. They include filmmakers, photographers, strategists, writers, researchers, designers, developers and digital experts. Here’s just a few of them.

Becky Alford


Lee Suttey


Neil Hardcastle


Nicola Morland


Samuel J Ellis


Matt Chittock


Sarah Myers


Liane Baddeley

Writer & digital content consultant

Mark Oxenham

Web developer

Dan Murray

Web developer

Angie Thomas

Filmmaker & animator

Rosie Powell

Photographer & filmmaker

Martin Atkin

Communications consultant

Fran Swaine

Digital consultant

Rachel Collinson

Fundraising consultant

Working with us
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