Science: not just for scientists

Science is arguably humanity’s greatest and best invention. To make the most of it, we must ensure that it belongs to all of us.

Imran Khan, Chief Executive, BSA.

The British Science Association (BSA) exists to put science at the heart of society and culture. In 2015, they conceived a series of essays exploring the issues around public engagement with science, with an aim to fuel the conversation.

They came to Neo for help visualising that thinking. BSA wanted a design concept that could bring to life a rich array of perspectives from the essays, and provide a distinctive platform to bring them to a wider audience.We explored interesting visual cues and experimented with circular particles – using them to show how different people, moments and ideas can come together to surprising effect.

The results were played out through the series of essays, lending variety to the booklet while presenting a strong, distinctive look and feel.

We needed to launch our new vision and get people talking about it. Neo bought into our ideas and took them many steps further, creating a fresh and vibrant design for our essays that told a story on its own.

– John Fitzmaurice, Head of Cultural Development, BSA

For the launch event, we pushed the concept further, designing a storyboard for a short film, which was animated by our friends at RamJam.

The concept has been popular, travelling beyond its initial brief, adopted for slide presentations and by the BSA team for the walls of their HQ in London.

Read Imran Khan’s keynote essay “Science: not just for scientists” on the Guardian website.