Neo really got under the skin of our organisation. We still marvel at the detail of that report. This evidence base helped us to make decisions on things that had been kicking about in the organisation for some time.

Eva Watkinson, head of campaigns

Modernising the movement for financial justice and a fair economy for all

We helped the impressive team at Jubilee Debt Campaign reset as Debt Justice: a clear call for change that’s inspiring the movement for a fair economy. We worked with them to connect highly nuanced social, political and environmental issues through a transformative renaming, rebrand and reimagining of purpose that’s brought clarity to their cause.

Big-picture ambition

Diversify and expand on the cancellation of unjust debt globally, alongside making financial reforms toward an economy that serves people and the planet.

Debt Justice logo

Project goals

  • Clearer, more compelling purpose and story around complex domestic and global issues
  • Increase and broaden supporter base beyond the stalwarts
  • Galvanise greater participation around campaigns and grassroots action
  • By helping to modernise and demystify the organisation and movement it’s enabling
Early indicators
New supporters

• Overwhelming support of new identity and strategy by stakeholders old and new
• 6,000 new supporters, and constantly increasing social-media community
• Several campaign outcomes boosted by a clearer platform
• Improved team cohesion around shared purpose and sense of identity