Challenging assumptions, changing perceptions

A case for support is an essential part of any charity’s communications toolkit. It sets out what you do, why you do it and how people or organisations can be part of the story.

People think that it’s a weekly class where you knit. It’s not about sitting in a hall. It’s about going out in the world and questioning and understanding stuff

– Daisy, 17, Preston, Girlguiding Advocate Member

Girlguiding, the leading charity for girls and young women in the UK, had a particular focus with their case for support. They wanted to use it specifically to attract more corporate partnerships.

But not just any corporate partners; they wanted to connect with businesses that shared Girlguiding’s refreshed philosophy. That of a modern, relevant organisation that empowers girls and young women to go out into the world and succeed in it.

The reality of Girlguiding’s work and its influence on girls and young women’s lives is very different to these outdated clichés.

There are some misconceptions about Girlguiding. That it’s just an after-school club for girls. That it teaches girls how to build campfires and not much more.

These couldn’t be further from the truth. The organisation actively works to understand and address the key issues facing girls and young women today, whether that’s low self-esteem or a lack of female role models in science or politics, for example.

In short, Girlguiding equips girls and young women with the skills they need to turn into confident, capable women. That’s a powerful message not just for girls and young women but for business too — who doesn’t want a generation of girls that can step up to be the business leaders of the future?

Girlguiding provides a platform for the voices of more than half a million girls and young women, for issues that matter to them. This is our call to companies to support us to empower and inspire the next generation.

– Donna Holland, Head of Fundraising and Marketing

What was needed was a case for support that reflected the contemporary, dynamic organisation Girlguiding is and presented them as an exciting charity partner for business that wanted to support and empower the next generation of women.

It began by challenging people’s assumptions of Girlguiding and showed the charity as the influential organisation that is every bit as dynamic and ambitious as the businesses they wanted to work with.

We created a case that drew parallels between Girlguiding and businesses, telling a story of how Girlguiding is equipping girls and young women with the skills they need to do well in life.

Punchy, persuasive copy was supported by an illustrative visual style that moved away from the photography used in Girlguiding communications aimed at girls and young women, helping to avoid unhelpful visual clichés.

This more contemporary approach was rolled out in print, and included a booklet for high-value prospects and posters encouraging employees to get involved. We also created a short animation that made a case for support in 60 seconds.

All of this helped to present Girlguiding exactly as it should be: an influential, important organisation that’s helping to nurture a generation of informed, empowered young women.