Neo studio

A brave new world

Way back in 2006 I opted to freelance as a writer/editor for a few years to balance being a new mum with earning my daily bread. It was during this self-employed interlude I first encountered Neo, and something about this company really gelled with me. So much so that I kept track of Neo’s work over the intervening years, visiting this very blog from time to time.

When an opportunity came to join the Neo team I could not resist. Working in communications for me, is about being honest and authentic and to do that I need to believe in the projects I am involved with. Neo’s clients offer that opportunity. From life saving refrigeration technology to awareness raising campaigns around conditions like diabetes – every project aims to make a positive difference to the world we live in.

There is a feel good factor of course – above and beyond that is a chance to work with amazing people who are doing interesting things all around the world, striving to help others, help the planet and change our world for the better.

For now I am finding my feet. Working agency-side is a big change, as my fifteen years in communications have largely been spent in-house for large organisations. The very lovely Neo team are making it a smoother transition, and I am excited about what we will achieve over the coming months and years.

First up for me is our #giveitback campaign, tracing the supply chain of once loved items that are no longer needed, so we can thank the people who made them. You can read more about #giveitback here. They say the journey is more important than the destination and whether or not we discover the origins of our items the light we shine on the hot (see inside out) topic of supply chains along the way is the crucial part.

And as my journey with Neo begins I am hopeful that many other important issues will be given their time in the spotlight with the help of the creative talents of the team here – I count myself lucky to be part of it!