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The change I’d like to see in 2015

I think 2015 has potential to be a pretty significant year.

The referendum in Scotland; the rise of the comedian turned revolutionist; the WWF Virunga and Greenpeace Lego campaign wins against oil giants, and the rising groundswell of outright disgust for all things Westminster through 2014 have carried me in to this year on a wave of tempered optimism.

I’m not imagining we will be celebrating the much needed systemic change of banking, corporations, government and media in time for the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special this year, but we could see some change:

Science could finally silence the climate change skeptics and we could see the debate shift from ‘should we’ to ‘how we’ take this challenge on.

We could end the year much closer to ending female genital mutilation. There are so many campaigns now highlighting this atrocity that change must come.

We could tip TTIP off the global agenda. Power to the organisations taking this fight on. With continued support, I think this is one we could win.

The Greens could flourish amongst the backstabbing and negativity of election campaigning. It’s idealistic I know, but Caroline Lucas gives me hope, every day, and after much Russell-induced consideration, I have decided to vote in this coming election.

Closer to home, the team at Neo are hoping to get better at talking about our work. We partner with amazing organisations and we make a real difference to how they communicate their cause clearly and creatively. But we’re a reticent bunch and uncomfortable with self promotion. This year, we’re going to change that and find more opportunities to do the work that really matters.


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