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Our Neo Year’s resolutions for 2015

New Year’s resolutions. Often made, usually broken. Each January, Facebook becomes a taunting list of long-ago acquaintances’ newly laced Nikes and rapidly tightening abs, serving only to remind us of our own mince-pie babies that haven’t quite finished growing. But could 2015 be different? We’re hoping some of our *Neo* Year resolutions will buck the trend…

Becky is going to become a better cook

“I already love cooking – especially the eating part – but this year I plan to experiment much more using different ingredients and techniques. I don’t plan to appear on Masterchef by the end of 2015, but I will be making dinnertime a lot more interesting.”

Sam is going to spend more time in, on or near the sea

“In 2015 I’ve decided to buy and live aboard a boat at Brighton Marina in the hope of spending more time on and near the sea (though hopefully not in it – a friend pointed out ‘it’s like living in a caravan with the added thrill of potentially drowning in your sleep.’”)

Charlie isn’t going to have his phone in the bedroom

“I’ve seen Battlestar Galactica. This is how it begins. Face illuminated in the dark like Golem in a cave. A quick check on tomorrow’s weather forecast in the wee hours. First thing I see in the morning: a spam email from a list I’ve not managed to unsubscribe from. So – no phone in the bedroom. An alarm clock that tells the time and wakes me up and nothing else.”

Hayley is going to enrol on an ‘introduction to counseling’ course

“I’ve always been fascinated by how our thoughts translate into our behaviour and the tick-tock of the human mind – a course in psychotherapy feels like the right path to explore it.”

Agnes is going to go on holiday more

“I wasn’t able to go on holiday last year because of the babies. I need at least five holidays a year to be happy. I really missed my skiing holiday last year.”

Nicole is going to meditate more and get fewer parking tickets

“Mindfulness is clarity and calmness, being in the moment, being the best version of yourself you can be. Parking fines are the result of being rushed, busy, disorganised and represent the worst of me. More of one should mean less of the other.” 

Rose is going to go to at least one show, event or exhibition each month

“I’ve got January to March covered. I’m going to see the Brighton Philharmonic Orchestra, a 1987 dance phenomenon, an urban poet, the Chuckle Brothers, and a seven-piece band playing West African folk and street music. I hope I’ll be inspired to be creative, and I’ll always have something to look forward to.”

Izzy is going to take more photos

“I want to take more photos and actually print them! So I can look back on them in the future.”

MC is going to cut down on takeaways and cook at home

“I’ll make a food budget and use a cookbook instead of falling into the trap of getting easy take-outs. It’s partly about choosing the healthier option, but also I’d like to spend my “food-money” on a few visits to interesting restaurants rather than curry-pizza-curry-pizza-curry-salad-pizza…”

Emmie doesn’t make New Year’s resolutions

“Because I am on a continual journey of self-discovery and development*”

* a lot of coffee