Don’t Let Your Ethics Slip

Fairtrade bananas are a subject close to our hearts at Neo.

Since 2012 we’ve worked with the global Fairtrade certification agency FLO-CERT, who have certified many millions of bananas in their time.

And for Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK this year, it’s the iconic banana that’s in the, well, limelight. Because while the rise and rise of the Fairtrade banana is one of the most shapely successes of the movement, over the last ten years the price of a typical banana has nearly halved, even as the cost of producing them has more than doubled.

So our celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight is the stencilled graphic art Don’t Let Your Ethics Slip. Available to view on the Neo studio floor, or on a pavement near you, or possibly on a cupcake in the Angel Food Bakery.

For a quick visual guide to creating a street banana, see our Pinterest board.

And while you’re waiting for paint to dry, help the Fairtrade Foundation put the pressure on Vince Cable to investigate unfair supermarket practices.