Reinventing the pub

As part of our ongoing commitment to the local community, we’ve been working with the lovely folk at The Bevendean Pub in Brighton to help them transform it into something truly extraordinary.

Determined to revive their area of the city into a hub of community activity, the people of Bevendean and Moulscoombe have come together to turn The Bevendean (or the more familiar ‘Bevy’) into Brighton’s very first cooperative pub. In a pioneering step away from traditional landlordship, The Bevy will be a space ran by the neighbourhood, for the neighbourhood, with local residents buying their own shares in the initiative. And with a bustling café and its very own community kitchen, the Bevy will also break the boundaries of traditional pub – offering a bright, welcoming space for everyone to enjoy.

We’re really excited about The Bevy’s plans, and have been working ‘pro bono’ to help them craft a visual and verbal identity that speaks to the pub’s innovative nature. Building on a simple yet intriguing strapline “More than a pub”, we created a distinctive, impactful black and white logo for The Bevy, softening it with some bright illustrative patterns that celebrate the pub’s uplifting, restorative presence in the city. We also created some targeted messaging – inspiring people to buy their shares and get involved – and then rolled everything out on The Bevy blog, Facebook, and some printed communications.

Take a look at some of our initial ideas, and the final creative output for The Bevy above. If you’re locally based, you can also find out more about investing in the pub, and helping create something a bit different in Brighton here.