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How we helped pioneers and our team make purposeful work matter more in 2022

Why B Corp matters to us

Last year we recertified as a B Corp with an improved score on our 2016 certification, confirming our progress since becoming one of the first 100 founding B Corps in the UK.

In the same year, we were also recognised as a Best For The World™ B Corp, thanks to our commitment to people and the ways we choose to work together. We felt honoured to hear that our worker impact score is in the top five percent of our grouping worldwide. This is testament to what we do to nurture a happy, healthy team.

2022 also marked 20 years of Neo. When we set up in 2002, purpose wasn’t high on the business agenda, and social and environmental change was confined to the margins. We made it our mission to change that: by giving a platform to the pioneers changing the world for the better, we could bring more meaningful attention to what matters most for people and our planet.

Twenty years on and we’re definitely in a better place collectively. With what feels like a mass public awakening to issues such as climate change, equality and wellbeing, businesses are being compelled to take a hard look at themselves, and we’re finally seeing change happen. But clearly it’s too slow.

As part of the B Corp movement and wider purpose-led sector, we can be proud of the role we’ve played in helping to move things on. But we can’t rest on our laurels; we need to accelerate the rate of change exponentially.

“We exist to give the pioneers making the world a better place a more purposeful platform for radical human change.”


For us, our renewed purpose is about supporting future-focused pioneers, helping them to bridge vital connections between identity, strategy and culture that will bring the sustainable change and impact needed.

While the year ahead holds so many unanswered questions, we’re optimistic that together we can turn uncertainty into positive action.

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