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We all have the right to safer sexual experiences, healthier relationships and the freedom to understand our sexuality.

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Have You Seen My Rights? is a campaigning coalition of 40 youth organisations making sure these rights are respected.

Their key aim is to ensure young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights are better represented and protected in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), agreed by the United Nations.


Working with young advocates, the coalition urges decision makers to sign up to five pledges, such as committing to youth-friendly health services, comprehensive sexuality education, and removing legal barriers that prevent people getting the help they need.

Our challenge was to create a brand for the campaign. We needed to get the attention of a smart, youthful audience and make sure they had easy access to tools they could use to influence policymakers. As well as an online presence, the coalition needed marketing materials and a campaign toolkit to inspire young people to get involved and demand change.


We started by reviewing the name. Initially we considered positioning it more closely with sex and the body, to help make the coalition’s focus clearer. But in some countries, strong allusions to sex would have created a problem for advocates.

Our clients at Restless Development, convening the project, helped us work through the constraints with the coalition’s global working group, and together we shifted the emphasis to the visual brand and toolkit materials to bring the campaign alive.

We had to find a creative route that would resonate across countries and cultures – from Russia to the Philippines. It needed to be powerful enough to engage both young people and world leaders, without being controversial or alienating our varied target audiences.

We delivered a simple, flexible concept to work universally, reflecting the theme of ‘unanswered questions’. The mark can be used as a standalone visual device to represent the campaign, without always having to use the name.

Allying the question mark with a speech bubble to form the dot emphasises the invitation for advocates to voicing questions and challenge the status quo.

The colour palette is minimal yet dynamic – black, blues and greys. Large, bold uppercase typography creates an eye-catching, concise brand language.

We designed a simple, accessible campaign website with a clear, flat structure, where everything users need is accessible from the homepage. It works well on a mobile, as you can scroll or use the jump links to access everything you need. There’s also a blog and an online wall of tweets that helps keep the conversation alive.

We designed and built the site in two weeks – a record for us and made possible by great clients who were digitally savvy and put trust in our expertise.


At Neo, we believe in being brave and pushing boundaries. This project reminded us that, when delivering global communications campaigns, cultural sensitivities are important. Sometimes, being able to strike a comfortable balance is the most important thing.


Whether you’re a young activist, youth leader or global development organisation, it’s now simple to keep up to date and get involved with Have You Seen My Rights?

In 2016, the coalition has numerous events planned around the world, led by local youth advocates. The new website forms the essential digital hub, hosting the resources that will support young campaigners everywhere make a clear call for their sexual and reproductive rights to be respected.

“The team at Neo were able to create a strong campaign identity while engaging a complex network of partners. We would definitely work with them again.” Bobby Dean, Public Relations Senior Coordinator UK, Restless Development

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