Solving homelessness, one person at a time

Your Place, our new identity, is forward-looking; a clever play on words and imagery that places us firmly in the future and at the centre of our communities.

Amanda Dubarry, CEO, Your Place

Inspiring a culture encouraging people out of homelessness, the Your Place identity not only provides a platform for personal change. It also prompts a shift in how we talk about homelessness and its root causes.

 We found Caritas Anchor House, now Your Place, to be a sanctuary and a starting point for people experiencing homelessness, where they can be part of an inclusive, supportive community helping them to build a sense of belonging and self-belief in their future. A progressive, person-centred organisation that’s helping to ‘solve homelessness, one person at a time’.



Big-picture ambition

Reduce homelessness in the worst-affected areas of London, and pioneer a more effective, person-centred solution to the issue and its root causes.

Project goals

• Create a new name, identity and narrative that supports the co-creation of a positive, progressing and enabling culture for residents and staff
• Grow support and income for the charity, supporting its ambitious strategy to expand and diversify services (without alienating supporters connected to the charity’s catholic heritage)
• Tell the real story of homelessness, helping to shift public perception locally
• Articulate the charity’s distinct approach and solution

“The work we did with Neo was so positive. The team understood how we ticked and what we wanted to achieve, and helped us navigate the process with care. Kelly was particularly skilful and empathic, picking up on the nuances of our stakeholders.”

– Simon Hall, chair of trustees, Your Place

• Increased ownership over shared spaces by residents
• Gradual adoption of brand language
• Diverse supporter-base wholeheartedly embracing identity
• New funding invitation made following supporter launch event
• Team feeling more empowered to tell the story and make a clear case for support
• Finalist in the 2024 Charity Film Awards (for our film, 'Solving homelessness one person at a time')