Earth Hour 2012

The world’s biggest Earth Hour to date took place this Saturday, with a record 150 countries and 6,602 towns and cities across the world taking part in the annual switch off. Hundreds of millions of people, and thousands of the world’s most iconic landmarks – from Sydney Opera House to Big Ben – turned off their lights at 8.30pm in a visual commitment to a more sustainable future, whilst for the first time in Earth Hour history, astronaut and WWF ambassador André Kuipers watched everything unfold from space.

As the rest of the Neo team tucked into some homemade candlelit dinners, Nicole and Matt headed to the official Earth Hour event at Somerset House in London, where they watched the local sites plunge into darkness. Aided slightly by the free bar, they also managed to strut some moves on the human powered dance floor – shortly before Britain’s Got Talent stars Flawless showed them how it should be done, with their twilight street dance performance.

All in all, Earth Hour 2012 has been an incredible success, with more people than ever before switching off for a brighter future. We’ve really enjoyed working alongside WWF-UK on this year’s campaign, sharpening its positioning and creating a brand that would encourage people to ‘go beyond the hour’ in a lifelong commitment to sustainability. We hope that Earth Hour now not only holds a permanent fixture in many a diary, but that this year’s event has cemented the importance of protecting our brilliant planet in the minds of millions worldwide.

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