Green means business

When he came to power, David Cameron promised to create the ‘greenest government ever’. Stop Climate Chaos – a coalition of the UK’s leading charities including Oxfam, Greenpeace and WWF-UK– want to make sure he does.

We all know the many environmental benefits of greener business, but there are economic benefits too. In fact, over a third of the UK’s economic growth last year came from green business. Stop Climate Chaos needed a campaign that communicated to Cameron and the rest of the Cabinet the powerful economic argument for sticking to their green commitments.

So that’s exactly what we created – a clean, simple poster that showed in no uncertain terms that green now means business. It’s a world away from the shouty activism typically associated with environmental campaigning, but no less noticeable because of that – the campaign and hashtag #greenisworking was one of Twitter top three trending topics the day of launch.

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