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Home win?

In the UK, there are few issues guaranteed to polarise people quite as much as housing, or rather the lack of it. There are those in possession of a home (or several) who benefit greatly from the fact that demand significantly outweighs supply. But for the 4,000 families who Shelter estimate are currently living in hostels, this lack of decent, affordable housing is more than a dinner party conversation. It’s a damming reality, and one that prevents them from enjoying the security and stability that a home to call your own brings.

There is an answer to this – build more affordable houses in places where people need them. In fact, building more homes could be the answer not just to Britain’s societal woes, but its economic worries too. Or so argues Homes For Britain – a 40-strong coalition of house builders, housing associations, architects, housing professionals, homelessness campaigners and private landlords, including The National Housing Federation and homeless charity Crisis.

They took their pitch for building more home right to the heart of Government at last week’s Conservative party conference. We worked with the coalition to create an identity and short film that presented housing not as the problem many think it is, but as a solution. The fact that every £1 spent on house building brings £3 into the UK economy is a pretty compelling argument in favour if it. Check out what you can do to support Homes for Britain here.