Learn the art of story

– Searching for new and powerful ways to get your message heard?

– Interested in different ways to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing in your organisation?

– Want to focus on what really matters?

Storytelling is a way to explore and articulate what really matters to us, and a powerful way to connect with others.

Stories carry meaning like nothing else – when told with confidence.

With the help of the Hero’s Journey – the mythic structure that has underpinned many of the world’s most enduring tales – we can discover better, more meaningful stories. Stories that can help us connect more deeply with ourselves, those we work with and those we need to reach.

Neo is offering half-day storytelling workshops in London and Brighton, tailored for communications professionals working in the non-profit sector.

In these sessions, you will:

– learn about story structure, including the Hero’s Journey

– discover how to use active listening and appreciative enquiry to get to the heart of what matters

– practise using these techniques to help explore and tell stories for you and your organisation

“The storytelling approach was a great way for everyone to learn more about our untold organisational history and to feel our shared vision for the future. It was also interesting and a lot of fun!”

– Simon Moore, Head of Digital Content and Marketing, AVERT

About the workshop leader

Charlie is a communications strategist with fifteen years experience of telling stories, on and offline. He has a background in theatre, music and writing, and for the last five years he’s led brand projects and communications campaigns at Neo, for charities, social enterprises and businesses.

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop suit a range of skills and levels of experience, but is particularly relevant for:

  • Communications managers & executives
  • Marketing directors
  • HR directors
  • CSR/sustainability directors

To register your interest and preferences, without obligation, go here. We’ll keep you posted on dates.