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Making Space? That’s what digital demands of brands

Why our campaign for South East Dance is designed to be played with.

Picture of empty chair and bucket in garden, with caption; “Last summer you rose to one challenge. Since then many have been defeated by another.”

What we've learned since #lastsummer

Reflections on launching a major awareness campaign for the MND Association


Four tips for online content that spreads like peanut butter

What are we learning about why content travels online?

Mental Health Awareness Week 2015

Great minds in Mental Health Awareness Week 2015

We take a look at inspiring activities a wide range of organisations have been doing to promote Mental Health Awareness Week 2015.

Monty Don speaking at the 2-15 NHS Sustainability Awards

Three NHS Sustainability Awards for Care Without Carbon

Early recognition for our 'Dare to Care' campaign


Top 5 tweets from #ecf15

Send 150 digital campaigners to a conference in Oxford for two days, give them a hashtag to use, and what do you get? 1,750 tweets and counting.

Keble College

eCampaigning Forum 2015 - Opening my eyes to Open Space

It’s pretty amazing to go to an event where the organisation of the conference is just as interesting as the world-changing content we had all come together to discuss.


Five reasons to read.... Frederic Laloux

Nicole makes the case for reading groundbreaking book Reinventing Organisations.

Neo bookshelf

Leading with your whole heart

Showing vulnerability at work feels risky, but it's powerful.

Neo studio

Make the case for change

Behind every brilliant organisation is often one person who championed the need for change. You could be that person!

Trillion Fund graphic - dinosaur fossil buried beneath wind turbines

Will content power a renewables revolution?

Kind of, says Trillion Fund's Sarah Lewis-Hammond.

Dragon's Blood Tree, Socotra Island = image by Flickr user Rob Waddington

No Cause An Island?

I first heard of Common Cause a while ago, but it was only when working with COIN recently, digging through their resources on Talking Climate, that I rediscovered it.