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Sane New World by Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax’s Sane New World – a self-styled user’s guide to the mind – has been doing the rounds in the Neo office recently.

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Social Value - Are we 'buying' it?

Our #giveitback campaign journey is proving as tricky as expected, which got us thinking about social value and the way companies share it with consumers - should we, as consumers, be more vocal about what we want to know about the things we choose to buy?

The World We Made book and Johnathan Poritt

The World We Made by Jonathon Porritt

If 2050 looks anything like the world set out in Jonathon Porritt’s The World We Made then we’ll be lucky humans indeed.

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Feeling okay with the octopus: four things we've learned from rebranding ourselves

We're used to doing it for other organisations, but as anyone who's tried to apply their skills close to home will know, you can be your own worst client.

Still from Scope's End the Awkward campaign video

Behind the campaign: Scope's 'End the Awkward'

We talk to Scope about how opening up the planning process led to one of our favourite awareness campaigns of the year.

Selfie Street Moment | KLSP MS2

Campaigns from the crowd: what organisations can learn

How can we draw lessons from phenomena such as #nomakeupselfie and #mentalpatient?


Doing it online since 1999

A recent report by Gartner states that 'there has been no progress on inequality for a decade, with the number of female CIOs has remaining static at 14%'.


Shhh, don’t mention the ‘S’ word

Lessons from the Sustainability Communications Forum.


Mental Health Awareness Week - why it matters

Neo's head of design Neil Hardcastle with a personal take on the importance of Mental Health Awareness Week.


Meeting ourselves where we are

How colleagues that mindfully meditate together can move mountains together.

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A brave new world

Hayley's thoughts on joining the Neo team.

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Stepping up to the mark with Young Women's Trust

"I felt this was my first test, a chance to prove myself, show that I knew what I was doing."