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Meeting ourselves where we are

How colleagues that mindfully meditate together can move mountains together.

Neo studio

A brave new world

Hayley's thoughts on joining the Neo team.

Neo studio

Stepping up to the mark with Young Women's Trust

"I felt this was my first test, a chance to prove myself, show that I knew what I was doing."


Why the Co-op is the most disappointing of brands

The Co-op frustrates me more than any other brand I can think of. I don't know what it stands for anymore and it doesn't either.


Ads worth having a little chat about

Here's our list of ads from recent times that didn't necessarily change the world but did perhaps shift views a little.


International Women's Day

What does this day mean to women in the UK?


Don't Let Your Ethics Slip

Fairtrade bananas are a subject close to our hearts at Neo.


We’re helping shine a light on youth unemployment. Could you change a young person’s future?

Three of Neo's youngest staff on what it means to get a career break as a young person.


Would you trash your £100 clothes to save a life?

Or would you donate £100 to a charity to save 10 people?


Time to tackle Female Genital Mutilation

Today I wanted to find the most impactful, single action that I could take to make a difference.


Be brave! Lessons from Dare

I can't remember leaving a day's conference feeling so inspired and well-equipped to do better work.


Our people of 2013

2013 – the year that brought us the selfie, twerking and a new future King. Here are the Neo team's people of the year.

Neo studio