Learn the art of story

Charlie Peverett

Neo is offering half-day storytelling workshops in London and Brighton, tailored for communications professionals working in the non-profit sector.

Lightbulbs hanging at Plenty Cafe Brighton

Bring your whole self: March meetups

Charlie Peverett

Come along to our free sessions in Brighton & London and explore what wholeness at work could mean for you.

Listen: How we reinvented our organisation

Kat Ratcliffe

PODCAST. Kat and Emma talk to Krish Surroy about Neo’s journey to becoming a Teal organisation.

Someone jumping from a cliff ledge into the sea, as part of a coasteering activity

What insurance should you lose?

Charlie Peverett

A thought on the skills you have and the skills you should use.

Cartoon illustration of a horseriding hero leaps from a cliff

Take the Hero’s Journey

Charlie Peverett

Want to tell a story of change in the world? Sharpen up your storytelling with the Hero’s Journey.

Sainsbury's, Live Well For Less

What makes a great ‘brand idea’?

Charlie Peverett

Sometimes a simple concept can power a brand story for years. Here’s how we define a brand idea, and three of our favourites.

Worksheet for Designing a Wiser Behaviour Change Campaign

Designing a wiser behaviour change campaign

Charlie Peverett

We think identifying shared purpose among the groups we’re trying to influence is one of the most helpful ways to shape a powerful campaign.

Emma speaking at Charity Comms lunch - rebranding the third sector

The Third Sector: re-branding or re-imagining?

Emma Whelan

Our brand strategist Emma on the role of connecting with purpose – as individuals, organisations and as a movement.

The tribal dance around climate change

Charlie Peverett

How framing the fight against climate change as a left-wing cause scuppers conversation with the sceptics.

Moments make a movement

John Davison

How do you communicate a big vision that resonates in an age of micro content and micro attention?

Three resolutions we could all learn from

Marlon Bouman

Wisdom delivered with a veg box.

Redesigning the paperclip

Sam Ellis

How re-exploring the everyday can bring us creative inspiration.

Merry Christmas to our deer friends

Sam Ellis

The team at Neo wish all our deer friends a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Let’s smash the crystal balls

Marlon Bouman

Those that know us (Neo) well will also know that we are a bit in love with Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux.

Five tips for co-coaching

Charlie Peverett

When professional consultancy’s not an option, consider the DIY option (Do It Yourselves).

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